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Whether B2B or B2C, industrial marketplace or private sales, our experience in e-commerce has proven results.

The importance of the strategy to go to market is essential to your success. And this is how we accompany you from the start and for the long term, according to your pace.

How will United Networks accompany you?

  • The set up, regular evaluation and scaling up are key in the strategy to position an e-commerce. Our agile methodology (Plan-Do-Check-Act) will give you tools for success.
  • You benefit from experienced steering in your e-commerce strategy
  • We propose the best roadmap following your priorities: The creation of a Minimum Viable Product or a step-by-step approach to build the final product directly. Anyway, our motto is « Thing big, start small, evolve quickly» and you will!
  • Scaling up or building more capacity, we are your partner.
Snapstore by Cameleon

We created a tailor-made private flash sales website based on a back office solution that the shop managed in house. Its robust production environment managed sales campaigns, allowed heavy charges within very short periods. The site managed 1.5 million members and went up to generate up to 1 million turnover within a day.

From Startup to 45 million turnaround in the tyre industry, we had an agile approach that allowed several pivot of the company strategy and the set up of different business silos in B2B B2C B2B2C. We deployed and maintain 80 platforms used by most of the automotive industry in Europe.

We created a complete e-commerce solution, ordering management, stock importation procedures and SEO campaigns


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