January 20, 2020

E-Commerce in Belgium is catching up

Belgium has been trailing its french, british and german neighbours in the field of E-Commerce for years now. But the latest figures available are encouraging as the belgian market keeps growing and evolving. Belgium still has ground to make up before it really catches up with other leading European countries but in a way, this is great news for anyone who wants to get involved in E-Commerce in the coming years.

With 7 billion € of sales revenue last year and a progression of almost 20% between 2017 and 2018, the E-Commerce market is expanding quickly and it is still time to catch the train. 60% of consumers in Belgium buy products online with an average of 2.200€/year per household. This currently represents 7% of the whole retail business.

Belgium is traditionnaly a country with a positive trade balance, it exports more than it imports. This is not true regarding E-Commerce which is a new evidence of the many opportunities left to grasp. There is still a great potential for new players in the market, especially to export belgian products. For example, France has twice more e-shops per inhabitants which allows it to export a lot of its goods around the world.

Belgian e-shops keep gaining market shares locally while exporting more and more. It really is a great time for the sector as consumer habits keep moving more and more towards shopping online.